In September, the ladies of Crafty Supermarket asked me to participate in a gallery show and craft-supply swap over at Rock Paper Scissors. They gathered makers from the upcoming holiday show to create 2 unique pieces that people wouldn’t normally see at their Crafty Supermarket booths. Lindsay over at RPS did such a great job organizing everything and setting up the coolest window display! Such a fun way for people to see a different side of our work.

Since I sell all printed pieces, I decided to try my hand at some watercolor paintings. I haven’t painted in years, besides the occasional flourish or background for an invitation. It’s really nice to put away the computer and just paint. Made me a bit nostalgic for my college art studio days where we would all be in the studio for hours and hours, laughing and trying to finish our procrastinated-still-life-paintings. I had to go stock up on some new watercolor and a few canvases (partially because I still haven’t unpacked everything in my new apartment).

A blank canvas is pretty intimidating. And a piece of art without ANY direction or restrictions? Even more intimidating.

I sketched out a million and one ideas. Some were terrible. Some I didn’t realize were terrible until I actually finished them (like my Cincinnati skyline that looked like an indistinct blob).

My first pick was a watercolor version of my Cincinnati print. That print was one of my earliest Pinwheel pieces and still one of my favorites, so I thought it would be fun to create a one-of-a-kind, painted version. I actually cut out shapes from the print to make a fairly exact painted look-alike. It’s fun to see it with a different color scheme and a bit of texture.

For the second one, I decided to do a print for a baby/kids room. I’ve been sketching super simple animals for a while now, incorporating them into cards and invitations here and there. So I decided it would be fun to do a little watercolor animal print with a whole bunch of new characters. Don’t be surprised if you see these little animals popping up on cards in the next few months…I’m sort of in love with these little guys.

And like the true procrastinator I am, I sketched ideas for weeks and waited until the last few days to actually put brush to paper – Now that definitely made me feel like I was back in my college art classes…




















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