This weekend I had the pretty huge undertaking of assembling 220 wedding program fans. I know, I know, don’t be jealous 🙂

Program fans are actually a fairly easy DIY for your wedding – just quite time-consuming. So grab a good TV show and a cocktail because you’re in this for the long-haul.

I designed these hand-lettered programs a while back, and finally had the printed pieces in hand and ready for the task of putting them together. I was seriously considering hiring someone to put these together for me, but I would have had to pay them in coffee and extra program fans.

My supplies: Craft Bond Spray Adhesive, Wavy Fan Handles, Hot Glue Gun, and my printed programs.

I used the spray adhesive for each side of the program, but make sure to use something else with the handles – so just in case the spray adhesive decides to get all cattywompus on you and separate in certain spots, the handle will most definitely stay where it’s told. Packing tape or a hot glue gun are 2 great options for the handle. Hot glue seemed to work best IF AND ONLY IF the paper you’re using is thick enough. I used 100# paper, so it held up against the hot glue.

I used about 1 can of spray adhesive per 100 fans, which was pretty inexpensive.

I read on one blog (as I was procrastinating and avoiding the assembly of these fans) that it takes about 4 hours for 60 fans. I’d say that’s pretty accurate, but once I got going it went a little faster.

I have had so much fun working with this bride over the past year – she has the cutest, most creative and unique ideas and her wedding is seriously straight out of Anthropologie. Check out the programs below! And the full wedding suite by Pinwheel here.


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  • Suzie

    What a great idea….love these!

  • Mary Lou

    These are so adorable I can hardly stand it!! You are so talented!

    • Colleen Reid

      Thanks so much Mary Lou!

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