This Christmas, my sister Shannon and I decided to exchange crafty ornaments. My mom has done this for years with her stitchery group, and it was always so fun to see these handmade-with-love ornaments on our tree year after year. Naturally, our making-of-ornaments got a little delayed, so we decided a winter ornament exchange while watching the season premiere of The Bachelor would be ideal (what? that’s some quality television).

I seriously considered buying a beautiful ornament from Anthropologie and trying to pass it off as my own, but after realizing I would never get this past Shan (mostly because I told her that was my plan), I started scouring the interwebs. I was on the lookout for a worthy ornament pattern when I found this adorable diy from the blog Do Small Things with Love. Nancy crafted this penguin family as a little reminder of her family in 2012 and as something to add to in the coming years. I picked out the bow tie penguin to make for my ornament, and started gathering supplies.

This ornament took me just about 3 hours from start to finish (taking into account the fact that I am an amateur sewer). I decided to use an overcast stitch around the edges, up until I got to the wings (then kept going with a regular stitch). I love the look of an overcast stitch and thought it might work well here. I also added a little patch on the back (with my embarrassing family nickname), so I would always remember the year it was made.

Here are a few pictures of my process, but head on over to Do Small Things with Love to download the template and follow the very helpful step-by-step instructions.

This bow-tie-penguin will go well with the narwhal I made for her 2 years ago – apparently I’m a big fan of fancy arctic animals – sorry Shan!










Site_Blog_Post_081_OR_09 diy via Do Small Things with Love

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