I participated in my first Write_On campaign in April, as part of National Letter Writing Month.

I had a burst of inspiration in the weeks leading up to this snail-mail extravaganza and had a mile-long list of ideas for illustrations, techniques, and color palettes. And I loved the snail mail I sent out the door. It was very freeing (and a little intimidating) to tackle a project with very little constraints or direction.

I decided to keep this creativity going by sending semi-frequent snail mail to my 2 sisters. One lives just down the road. One lives across the country. Hopefully they love receiving snail mail as much as I do, because it’s on its way!

My sisters both have huge, jump-for-joy, shout-it-from-the-rooftops, life events going on right now. Shannon just bought a new house (still right down the street) and Kate is walking down the aisle in a month! I wanted to celebrate these life events with little surprise illustrations (pending the snail mail getting there before they read this).

Enjoy! xo





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